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This is the small roombox I recently completed using a section of flooring leftover from my renovation of the Kaliski Mansion. The box itself was made from the superior shipping crate from my Tynietoy Colonial Mansion and the rest of the woodwork was recycled from other leftover bits and pieces. I love using secondary materials to create something new. It is furnished with the work of my favorite artisans and a few things I made myself.  See more photos like this under the "My Collection" tab. 

Greetings and welcome to Tynietown.com, the website for Susan Milmore, a collector, appraiser and author of numerous magazine articles related to antique, vintage  and contemporary dollhouse miniatures.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see on this website, please email me: susan_milmore@yahoo.com. Thank you to all of you who have e-mailed me after visiting this site. I'm grateful for all the feedback.


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